YPO Orange County Chapter
Leadership. Learning. Life-long.

Orange County Chapter of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) is a not-for-profit organization that consists of some of the brightest and successful young leaders in Orange County, California. The Orange County Chapter currently has a cap of 50 members and has been recognized by YPO as one of the leading chapters in the world. As a Chapter, we are committed to offer our members unique experiences, world-class resources, alliances with top learning institutions, and specialized Networks that help members enhance their business, community, and personal leadership.

To our current and prospective members, spouses, and families, our YPO Orange County Chapter delivers “whole person” development because we are a caring community that ensures our members and families feel included, supported, and stimulated through education and idea exchange.

“Joining YPO Orange County has done so much for me personally. I joined with the vision of leveraging YPO to help me grow my business and learn from my peers. What I got was a better relationship with my children, family, and friends. It is an organization that has added so much value to my life.”
Trent Bryson – Bryson Financial

“Joining YPO has been the most rewarding and surprising experience. I expected to engage with amazing individuals, grow in my business challenges, and participate in once in a lifetime experiences. All these expectations have come true, but I have been most impressed by the elements I didn’t expect. A true sense of community that encourages and challenges me as an individual, along with an intentional focus towards growth in all areas of life: family, personal, and business. ”
Brooke Smith – MHX Solutions

“Being part of the YPO OC Chapter has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by such incredible people, who are committed to shaping the lives of one another. I have had successes with my business that I would have never had without YPO, and I have built transformative relationships with people who care about supporting the success of all aspects of my life, personally and with my family. I have engaged and built friendships with some of the most fascinating and accomplished people in the world and have received life-changing education through YPO Connect and the host of available networks. The "only in YPO experiences" are indescribable - which truly paints a picture representing this wonderful YPO journey.”
Geneva Milne - Therapy Travelers

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) | Better Leaders Through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange
What is YPO?

YPO Is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. The organization unites over 30,000 business leaders in more than 140 countries. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence, and trust of the world’s most influential and innovative leaders who inspire business, personal, family and community.

How do I qualify?

Membership Qualifications


Under the age of 45


Individuals who hold the top position of a qualifying company or division and are directly responsible for all operations of business or division.


Gross annual sales of USD 13 million (USD 10 million for agency-type); or USD260 million assets for financial institution; or USD20 million enterprise value


50 full-time employees or more than USD2 million employee compensation and a minimum of 15 employees

What is involved in the membership process?
  • YPOI application submitted
  • Phone call with Membership Officer
  • Membership interview with Board of Directors
  • Attend 3 chapter events (spouse/partner must attend 1)
  • Site visit (w/2-3 chapter members)
  • Third-party certification process
  • Board of Directors and Members at Large final approval
  • Billing (pay upon receipt)
What are the benefits of joining YPO?
Peer-to Peer Environment

It’s not so lonely at the top. YPO provides both members and spouses/significant others the ability to connect with peers in a structured, supportive, and confidential atmosphere to address their individual and combined professional/personal needs. This unique and powerful peer-to-peer culture is insulated as members are prohibited from soliciting another member or spouse/significant other for any reason.


Rated as the number one benefit of YPO, Forums are groups of eight to ten members who meet as peers on a monthly basis. In an atmosphere of strict confidentiality, trust and oneness, they share experiences and support each other’s needs in the areas of business, family and personal matters.

Lifelong Learning

The YPO mission centers on lifelong learning and idea exchange. The YPO Orange County Chapter brings members together approximately twelve to fifteen times a year to discover new insights into many topics, ranging from geopolitical and business to personal/family and community issues.

YPO also offers regional, national and international universities, seminars, industry roundtables, and alliances among members and leading higher-learning institutions to examine specific industry trends and best practices.

Only in YPO Orange County Experiences

YPO Health Meeting

YPO Holiday Dinner - Great Gatsby

YPO Family Event
YLab The Big Crunch

Presidents Retreat - Isreal

We welcome you to join us in YPO Orange County!
There are very few moments in life that have a truly transformational impact. Joining the YPO Orange County chapter has been one of those singular moments in my life which has significantly impacted me personally and professionally. Most professional organizations focus on business growth but YPO has a holistic approach to the individual that includes personal and family life. Utilizing unbelievable resources and tools as well as spectacular YPO events, my family has equally shared in the growth process. The YPO Orange County chapter stands out because of the focus on family and the overall high caliber of individuals who are in the chapter. I cannot recommend it enough!
Pejman Kalkhoran – Boundary Devices
Being a part of YPO has transformed my life. Not only am I a better businessman, but more importantly, I’m a better father, husband and friend. This would not have happened without the lifelong connections I have made in the Orange County Chapter. What I love about our chapter is our focus on growth - whether it be as a person, my business, my interests or my relationships. Not only do we have “only in YPO events” including meeting US Presidents, having world class speakers and going on international trips but our chapter involves our whole family. My wife and kids have also made special bonds within the chapter. I can’t think of any other way that my transformation would have happened!"
Raj Shah – MSI